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Friday, 9 February 2018

Lufthansa to offer Wi-Fi on flights bound for India

New Delhi: : A day after India allowed in flight connectivity (IFC) in its skies, German major Lufthansa has announced it will offer Wi-Fi on its flights to, from and over India the moment "it is allowed to". Lufthansa Group South Asia head Wolfgang Will told that the airline offers Wi-Fi on all its longhaul flights. "Till now we had to switch off the service on entering Indian airspace. Now as soon as we get all the regulatory clearances, we will provide this service on our flights to, from and over India," Will said.

This will mean flyers taking off, headed for and overflying India will get the paid-Internet Lufthansa offers on its long haul flights. TRAI has said airlines can provide this service the moment a plane starts taxiing and personal electronic devices are put on flight mode.
"We offer Internet packages, Flynet, starting at Euro 9 and going to Euro 17 depending on the duration it is bought for ranging from an hour to 24 hours," Wills, Lufthansa's south Asia senior director, said.

He added that the group has consciously decided not to allow mobile services on its flights. "We don't know if someone decides to entertain other sitting nearby when they want to sit. The Internet we offer is fast enough to download and stream. Whatsapp, social media can easily be done with that," Wills said.
To Read the News in Full 21/01/18 Saurabh Sinha/Economic Times
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