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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Unrestricted night flights to Chandigarh from 2019: IAF

Chandigarh: Currently undergoing runway expansion, Chandigarh International Airport may offer unrestricted night flights from August 2019 after the authorities complete third phase of expansion, an Indian Airforce spokesperson said on Wednesday.

He said phase III expansion involves fitment of runway lights and other navigational aids. Completion of phase III would permit unrestricted day and night operations at Chandigarh airfields. Completion of phase III is envisaged in the first half of 2019.

"Airport Authority of India (AAI) is assessing feasibility of fitment of Category III Instrument Landing System (ILS) on one of the runways at Chandigarh.
While Category III ILS permits operations down to 100 m visibility, it also demands isolation of larger tracts of critical areas. This would involve procurement of real estate from Punjab and Chandigarh. This issue is being addressed by AAI and CHIAL," Airforce spokesperson said.

The Air Force spokesperson said the airport has been shut for 20 days to complete second phase of expansion which involves improvements and extension of runway ends to extend the runway from the existing 9000 ft to 12400 ft.

"During this phase while flight operations would continue during the day, the length of usable runway would be restricted from 7200 to 8000 ft. Completion of Phase II (approximately by 2018) would permit regular day operations on an extended runway length," the spokesperson said.
To Read the News in Full 16/05/18 Manjeet Sehgal/India Today
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